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2002-2008 BA, Visual Communication Design, Kyungwon University, Korea
2009-2010 MA, Illustration & Animation, Kingston University of London, UK

Solo Exhibition
2018 1st Solo Exhibition, Insa Art Center, Seoul(Korea)

Group Exhibition

2008 BA Show, Mokeumto Gallery, Seoul(Korea)
2010 MA Show, TENT LONDON Truman brewey, London(UK)
2010 (2010 London design festival)
2012 Seoul Haetchi Art Figure Award, Seoul Animation Centre, Seoul(Korea)
2012 Handmade Korea Art Fair, COEX Centre, Seoul(Korea)
2012 Areum.Nanum Exhibition, Sagakhyung Gallery, Seoul(Korea)
2012 Art Factory Exhibition, Skyyeon Gallery, Seoul(Korea)
2013 MATRICES 2012, ART9 Gallery, Budapest(Hungary)
2013 Mini Solo Exhibition, Ditto Cafe Gallery, Seoul(Korea)
2014 CQ34 Exhibition, CQ online gallery, New York(USA)
2015 CQ37 Exhibition, CQ online gallery, New York(USA)
2016 KSDT International design trend 2016, Korea Design Centre,
2016 Gyeonggi(Korea)
2016 Invitation International SOKI Exhibition, KCC Gallery, New Jersey(USA)
2017 An Invited Poster Exhibition & Symposium, Nottingham Trent University,
2017 Nottingham(UK)
2017 138th Getsome Exhibition "Usome", Luda Gallery, Seoul(Korea)
2017 International design invitation exhibition, Iang Gallery, Seoul(Korea)
2017 KSDT International design trend 2017, Korea Design Centre,
2017 Gyeonggi(Korea)
2018 International design invitation exhibition, Moksan Gallery, Seoul(Korea)
2018 International Design Trend inviatation 2018, Kyoto International
2018 Community House, Kyoto(Japan)
2019 International Design Invitational Exhibition 2019, Arts Center of Pusan
2019 National University, Pusan(Korea)
2019 International Design Invitational Exhibition 2019, Korea Design Centre,
2019 Gyeonggi(Korea)
2020 KSDT Internarion design 2020, Korea Design Center, Gyeonggi(Korea)
2020 KSDT Internation design trend 2020, Korea Design Center,
2020 Gyeonggi(Korea)


2010 One of the selected illustrators/ MA show of Kingston University,
2010 Amelias Magazine, UK
2011 108th Illustrator of Sketchbook Magazine, Sketchbook Magazine, UK


2012 Seoul Haetchi Art Figure Award, 3rd Place(Korea)
2012 MATRICES 2012, Selected(Hungary)
2014 Creative Quarterly 34, Runner-up(New York)
2015 Creative Quarterly 37, Runner-up(New York)
2020 Creative Quarterly 59, Winner & Runner-up(New York)


2012 ~ Lecturer of Design, Gacheon University
2016 ~ Lecturer of Design, Suwon Women's University


If you want to work with me, don't hesitate to contact me.
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